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Buzz Aldrin faces guardianship hearing, dispute with children

Is Buzz Aldrin, the former astronaut who followed Neil Armstrong onto the moon, no longer competent to handle his own affairs? Are his spending habits symptoms of financial exploitation and elder abuse, or are two of his children trying to exploit their father's advanced age for their own selfish desires?

Those are the sort of questions that a judge will soon have to answer once the former astronaut is done with his competency evaluation and the petition for guardianship by his children is officially before the court. At that point, it'll be up to the judge to decide Aldrin's future, including whether or not he retains the right to make his own personal decisions.

Why are financial scams on seniors common?

You love your parents but sometimes you might worry about them. There are many different scams going around that are aimed at elderly people. You might be worried they will fall victim to a financial scam and lose their savings.

Financial scams that revolve around seniors are becoming more common. But why do these scams target this particular group of people?

Creative people need to take special care with their estate plans

When artists, musicians and writers die, they often leave behind an impressive body of work, much of which may still be unavailable to the public. Time and again, their estates get drawn into lengthy battles as various heirs seek control over the creative content these artists left behind.

Why do these estate problems happen? Often it's due to a lack of proper estate planning.

How to prevent your choice of guardian from being overturned

What do you expect could throw your will into dispute? Your insurance money? Your other assets? The way that you chose to distribute the household goods?

How about who you pick as guardian for your children?

How to tell it's time to get guardianship for your mom or dad

When you cherish your mom or dad, it's hard to see him or her gradually decline due to age-related dementia. After all, this is the person who taught you how to use a spoon, ushered you through the terrible tweens and helped you get started in life.

So, how do you decide it's time to suddenly go to court and formally take away their autonomy? It's such a reversal of the parent-child relationship that it's hard for a lot of people to think about.

Use these tips to pick the right executor for your estate

Whom do you trust to carry out your wishes once you're no longer here?

That's no easy question -- but it's the first thing you need to ask yourself when you're trying to decide who to name the executor of your estate.

Why you should start estate planning ASAP

Thinking about the day you will no longer be around is not the most pleasant way to spend an afternoon. However, you might want to start thinking about it sooner rather than later. You should start estate planning as soon as possible.

Estate planning seems like it is only applicable for older people, but in reality it is important for everyone to have an estate plan.

Could Stan Lee be the victim of elder abuse?

Stan Lee is often thought of as the father of the modern superhero. There's good reason for that. Among other things, he's one of creators of many of Marvel's most beloved heroes, including Spiderman, Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor.

Maybe that's why it's hard to picture Lee as a frail, 95-year-old man who may be the victim of elder abuse at the hands of people eager to take advantage of his name and his fortune -- but that may be what is happening behind the scenes.

3 steps to handling collectibles during estate planning

Lots of people are collectors. Whether great or small, collectibles enable people to express their passions and surround themselves with the things they find pleasing. A lot of those collections end up having a significant monetary value in addition to their aesthetic ones.

What do you do, however, with your collectibles when you're making out your estate plans? Whether you have an array of elegant watercolors or a cache of vintage comic books, a valuable collection often presents problems when it comes time to draft a will.

Why shouldn't you be afraid of signing a power of attorney?

If you're approaching your senior years (or are already in them), you've probably already been advised to choose someone to hold your power of attorney (POA). Yet, many seniors hesitate -- often because they don't fully understand the limits placed on one.

Here are some facts that should ease your mind:

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