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Financial exploitation can leave seniors destitute and despondent

In news that's made national headlines and spurred an outpouring of support for the victim, suicide hotline workers at the Veterans Crisis Center may have saved the life of an elderly veteran of the United States Coast Guard after a couple of thieves managed to empty his bank account.

Are you ready to be someone's legal guardian?

People can end up needing guardians for all kinds of reasons. An accident could leave your sibling with a head injury that impairs his cognitive skills and puts him in a nursing home. Your mother may develop dementia toward the end of her life and no longer be able to make her own decisions. You may be asked to take on the responsibility for a young niece who suffers from an intellectual disability if her parents pass away.

How to tell it's time to get guardianship for your mom or dad

When you cherish your mom or dad, it's hard to see him or her gradually decline due to age-related dementia. After all, this is the person who taught you how to use a spoon, ushered you through the terrible tweens and helped you get started in life.

What are some important things for a legal guardian to know?

If you've recently taken on the job of being your someone's legal guardian, you're now responsible for helping that person out with his or her personal affairs. You've also probably been handed a stack of forms and instructions on how to keep the right records and make the right filings.

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