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Why you need a medical power of attorney

A medical power of attorney takes your healthcare decisions out of your own hands and gives them to someone else. You pick that person and name them in the document. Many people choose their adult children, for instance, or someone else they can trust to make decisions with their best interests in mind.

How pour-over wills work

Once you set up a revocable living trust to hold your assets, you don't necessarily stop acquiring new assets. What happens if you die before some of those new assets have been added to the trust (or otherwise been assigned designated beneficiaries)?

Two things you need to talk to your college student about today

It won't be long before college freshmen will be returning home for winter break with one full semester under their belts. In all the excitement of getting your son or daughter ready for college, there are two very important things that you probably neglected to discuss: financial and medical powers of attorney (POA).

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