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Knowledge, Compassion,Commitment To Solutions
Knowledge, Compassion, Commitment To Solutions
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Estate Planning Guidance That Prepares Your Colorado Family's Financial Future

Estate planning prepares your family, loved ones and friends for a secure financial future, in your absence.

Whether you are considering formulation of an estate plan for the first time, or have an estate plan you want to refresh — regardless of your age, marital status or size of your estate — the experienced Colorado Springs law firm of Kirtland & Seal, L.L.C., can help.

By “experienced” we mean 40 years of successful service, combined, among attorney partners Michael Kirtland and Catherine Seal. Together, they can build just the right combination of a will, trust, medical and financial power of attorney, guardianship or conservatorship, and health care directive that addresses your specific situation.

Our skilled, knowledgeable lawyers also know how to provide, well in advance, for special needs children, adults and seniors, as well as applying their expertise to the benefit of clients whose significant assets can involve serious tax consequences.

Contact Kirtland & Seal, L.L.C., For Guidance To Informed Decisions About Estate Issues

Are you ready to put together a forward-looking, solidly executed estate plan that puts your wishes, and not the state’s, in charge when assets are to be distributed to relatives? Have you become entangled in a complex probate matter that can only be resolved through litigation?

Your decisions are the ones that should prevail in the event of incapacitation or death. Ensure that your goals are protected by contacting us for an initial consultation.

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Call 719-387-9852 or stay online to schedule your appointment by email message. We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and listening as you outline your objectives. Our law offices are located in the Wells Fargo Tower, downtown Colorado Springs, and free underground parking is available.