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Knowledge, Compassion,Commitment To Solutions
Knowledge, Compassion, Commitment To Solutions
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Working Hard For Practical Solutions To Your Family's Probate Legal Issues

Emotions surrounding the death of a loved one can cloud a survivor’s judgment when the time comes to administer the deceased’s estate.

The skilled, compassionate assistance of an experienced probate attorney is essential in trying times like these. A probate administration lawyer can be alongside during every phase of the legal process, to ensure that all responsibilities are completed correctly.

At the Colorado Springs law firm of Kirtland & Seal, L.L.C., Michael Kirtland and Catherine Seal use their 40 years of combined experience in answering your questions; providing comfort for all concerns; and guiding you and your family to resolutions of any disputes that could arise.

Knowledge, Compassion, Commitment To Personalized Probate Solutions

Mr. Kirtland and Ms. Seal can be of assistance during estate administration in many useful ways, including:

  • Executing wishes and objectives stated in estate planning documents
  • Coordination of efforts between trustees, executors and beneficiaries
  • Working toward amicable, productive outcomes whether or not a will is present
  • Mediation and litigation of disputes

Will your late relative’s substantial estate result in dire tax consequences? Is his or her will being contested by a disgruntled individual who feels entitled to an inheritance? Could a disagreement within your family result in legal action, litigated in court?

We Are Ready To Serve You

Kirtland & Seal, L.L.C., welcomes the opportunity to address these and any other developments, promptly and professionally.

Contact us. Call 719-387-9852 locally, or 866-958-4724 toll free, or send an email message. Our law offices are located in the Wells Fargo Tower, downtown Colorado Springs.