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Who is the best conservator and guardian for your loved one?

What happens when an elderly loved one needs someone to handle his or her financial affairs as a conservator? What if they also need someone to take charge of their day-to-day welfare as a legal guardian? Is it better to have a family member of a professional handle the job?

Buzz Aldrin faces guardianship hearing, dispute with children

Is Buzz Aldrin, the former astronaut who followed Neil Armstrong onto the moon, no longer competent to handle his own affairs? Are his spending habits symptoms of financial exploitation and elder abuse, or are two of his children trying to exploit their father's advanced age for their own selfish desires?

Can you keep the family home if you go into a nursing home?

There's a difficult problem faced by a lot of older Americans. They may genuinely need nursing home care for a period of time -- either after an illness, a surgery or toward the end of their lives. However, they're afraid that if they enter a nursing home that the biggest thing they have of value to pass to their children -- their home -- will end up going to the state as a result.

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