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Two things you need to talk to your college student about today

It won't be long before college freshmen will be returning home for winter break with one full semester under their belts. In all the excitement of getting your son or daughter ready for college, there are two very important things that you probably neglected to discuss: financial and medical powers of attorney (POA).

Creative people need to take special care with their estate plans

When artists, musicians and writers die, they often leave behind an impressive body of work, much of which may still be unavailable to the public. Time and again, their estates get drawn into lengthy battles as various heirs seek control over the creative content these artists left behind.

3 steps to handling collectibles during estate planning

Lots of people are collectors. Whether great or small, collectibles enable people to express their passions and surround themselves with the things they find pleasing. A lot of those collections end up having a significant monetary value in addition to their aesthetic ones.

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